Innovation Pop Up and Propel YH Showcase
Event Date: Thursday 14 March, 12pm - 5pm
Cost: Free
Location: Nexus, Leeds

Innovation Pop Up and Propel YH Showcase

Are you a healthcare professional interested in digital innovations being developed for healthcare? The Innovation Pop Up and Propel YH Showcase invites you to hear from 11 companies involved in Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber’s Propel programme.

The showcase event, taking place at Nexus Leeds, spotlights 11 companies who have been on a 6- month structured course covering key material needed to work with NHS organisations, including governance, legal and sustainability amongst others.

The event begins with lunch at 12pm, followed by an opportunity to hear each of the companies pitch their solutions from 1pm. Attendees will then have an opportunity to network with the 11 companies.

The 11 companies are:

Inicio Health: At Inicio Health, we’re steadfast in our commitment to utilising transformative
technology to redefine the core of NHS healthcare: patient-centred care. Enter FlightDeck,
our state-of-the-art AI-powered listening solution, meticulously crafted to optimise the
efficiency and responsiveness of urgent care pathways, operating theatres, procedure rooms
and more.

Optimise BP: Our trailblazing clinician-patient interface automates the management of your
hypertensive patients. By safely guiding patients in a stepwise management of their
condition it significantly reduces the number of clinical contacts required. This results in time
saved for both clinicians and patients.

Sympa Health: We’re on a mission to empower women with AI driven digital therapeutics,
personalised treatment plans, and expert support. Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all solutions
and hello to a world where women manage the symptoms of their chronic conditions. With
our innovative app and state-of-the-art AI technology, we’re here to ensure that every
woman receives the care she deserves.

MyOpNotes: MyOpNotes is a digital platform that streamlines writing operation notes for
surgeons, automatically captures ‘big data’ in surgery, and improves hospitals
reimbursement via OPCS coding.

Neu Health: Parkinson’s disease, dementia and other neurodegenerative conditions are fast
becoming the biggest causes of mortality and morbidity worldwide. By 2050, 200 million
people are predicted to be living with these conditions. Neu Health enables clinicians, care
givers and patients to tackle this growing challenge with cutting-edge digital technologies
designed to make the latest care accessible for all, improving outcomes today and
accelerating future breakthroughs.

Theia AI: Multiple Sclerosis patients have routine brain MRI scans every 6-32 months to
assess for changes in their condition. When a patient has a routine scan, our interpretable AI
technology is able to compare that scan with their previous MRIs and provide a risk score
associated with the patient’s chance of having a relapse in the future. This allows the
neurologist to make a more informed decision about the patient’s treatment and decide
whether to change their treatment plan to reduce the risk of relapse, providing a better
quality of life for the patient and reducing the downstream burden on the healthcare system.

Doctoria: A global service giving patients in the UK from all backgrounds fast access to
specialist doctors, so that they can diagnose and treat their conditions without delay.

Pogo Digital Health (Tailored Talks): Tailored Talks is a digital platform and app that
enables patients to receive the right personalised information at the right time. The platform
consists of a slide library of over 2,700 slides of health information, approved by our NHS or
charity partners. Many of the slides are multimedia and all have accessibility features such
as “read back” functionality.

Meditask: MediTask is a mobile application that connects doctors to students. Whenever a
doctor has a skill to do, they can simply put it onto MediTask. This then notifies all of the
students within the hospital. Students can accept the job and hence now know where they
need to go to get the skill done.

Maiya: Maiya is an automation system which will revolutionise the way that general practice
manages long term conditions and their administration creating huge efficiencies for GP

EnrichMyCare: EnrichMyCare is a digital platform designed to address the challenges faced
by families of children and young people with special educational needs, neuro-disabilities,
epilepsy, rare diseases, and other long-term conditions

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