Leeds Health and Care Partnership

Leeds Health and Care Partnership

The Leeds Health and Care Partnership is transforming health and care services across the city.

In a new approach, partners are working together to understand the current and future needs of different sets of populations to inform the redesign of health and care services across the city. This is a change from the traditional disease-specific approach to designing services.

With compassion always at the helm, they are focusing on excellent communication with each other and with those they serve, and on more efficient and effective use of precious health and care resources, ensuring equal access to consistent quality of care for all.

Undertaking research will also feature as part of this new approach, to help ensure care is based on evidence of what works best, and with a renewed focus on preventing ill-health, and earlier diagnosis.

This Leeds partnership is part of the award-winning West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership, the third largest integrated care system in the country, working to improve the health and wellbeing of 2.1 million people across West Yorkshire.

The Partnership forms the Leeds Committee of the West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board, which decides the best way to allocate resources across the city to improve health outcomes.


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