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7 July 2024

Leeds spearheads new standards for inclusive research  

In the second of our research excellence spotlight features, we hear how Leeds is leading the way in strengthening its public engagement to ensure people from its most diverse and underserved communities are involved in research.
21 May 2024

Leeds’ research excellence transforms care for people with long term health conditions 

Millions of people suffering with multiple, long term health conditions are benefiting from breakthroughs in treatment thanks to world-leading research in Leeds. 
21 May 2024

Leeds health and care research excellence

In this spotlight series we explore groundbreaking activities which set new, exemplary standards in making research everyone’s business for everyone’s benefit, especially for those most in need.


Event Date and Time: Monday 17 - Thursday 20 June, 2024
Location: RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre
Event Date and Time: Monday 16 - Friday 27 September, 2024
Location: Various
Event Date and Time: Monday 30 September - Tuesday 1 October 2024
Location: Cavendish Conference Centre , London