Leeds Office for Data Analytics

Leeds Office for Data Analytics

Leeds Office of Data Analytics (ODA) collects, analyses, and interprets data from a wide range of sources to help inform how local public services can better support and transform local people’s health and wellbeing.

Drawing upon a large pool of data experts from across the City Council, the health and care system and beyond, the scale and pace of the ODA’s work positions Leeds as a national exemplar.

Using sophisticated analytical tools and techniques to provide valuable intelligence and insight, the ODA team develops and implement automated data-driven solutions.

For example, the team provides:

  • insights to support evaluation of health and care services.
  • a comprehensive and quickly evolving world-class population health management platform (Leeds Data Model).

This brings together a wide range of health service (NHS) commissioning data and a range of local dataflows, including from general practice, adult social care and public health. With plans to link these data sets with those in children’s services and wider local authority data, such as transport, air quality and housing, the Leeds Data Model capability is ground-breaking.

The ODA’s unprecedented insights are increasingly enabling decision-makers to better understand the social determinants affecting the health and wellbeing of Leeds’ population and future demands on health and care services.

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